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Backlinks are basically links from one site to another. Google uses them determine a website with noteworthy content. A site will rank higher on Google if has valuable content .

This goes to say that if a back link is from a site that has good content it’s beneficial. This addresses the question if back links have an effect on your sites Google ranking .When you say effect it means that it can either be positive or negative and this also largely depends on a number of factors . 

We have two types of backlinks and only one of them matters when it comes to Google ranking and also SEO.

  1. No follow backlink.

This links signal search engines to ignore a link. This does absolutely nothing to improve value between two sites. Remember to check whether you have no follow links in you site and set them to do follow links .

2.Do follow backlinks.

They are the ideal links to go for. There are many kinds of do follow backlinks and each one of them determines whether a site will benefit from it or not.

  • .Old Domains: Using backlinks from old domains may be more beneficial than links from younger/newer domains.
  • The number of links: More back links from a valuable site give positive ranking .A valuable site has to have good content in order to benefit your site.
  • A Variety of Sites: links from different relevant sites back to your site get you better SEO and ranking on Google.
  • Different linking pages: It’s beneficial to get backlinks from different pages of a site to pages of your site.  Have more pages from a domain link back to pages of your site.
  • Relevant anchor texts: This refers to the text you click in a hyperlink .Have the anchor text of a backlink have proper keywords to generate SEO and positive ranking for your site. Note that images too can bear anchor texts. The alternate text acts as an anchor text.
  • b-links from .edu or .gov sites: backlinks from sites like .edu or .gov domains do nothing for your Google ranking. They are ignored most of the time though they will still get you SEO results.
  • b-links from a page that ranks higher: Backlinks from a page with a good rank will give better ranking for your site. This means that they have good page authority and that’s a plus.
  • b-links from pages on the same SERP: Get links from pages that rank for the same search engine result pages (SERP). It’s competitive but gets a plus on the ranking.
  • Backlinks from relevant sites: Look for backlinks from sites from the same industry as yours .It gives a boost to your content. Your site will be trusted more if your site links to similar content sites.
  • Backlinks from bad neighborhoods .Sites from bad neighborhoods are websites that have been extensively downgraded by search engines for certain reasons .Mostly it’s because they broke search engine guidelines. They usually appear far down in the search results or never at all .A good example is sites containing terms such as “Viagra” , “casino” , “pornography”. Links from these sites will harm your ranking.
  • Backlinks from guest posts: Links from guest post have an impact on your ranking but not as much as backlinks from editorial links .Also Watch out from heavy guest post writing since it will hurt your rating, especially from same domains.
  • Backlinks from ads .Don’t waste your time with links from ads. Google does not identify this links instead they are filtered out. They do nothing for your ranking.
  • Links from home pages with higher authority: Target links from a homepage with good authority. They weigh more and therefore will give better ranking.
  • Contextual links: Go for links that are embedded inside a page’s content as they are considered more powerful than links elsewhere on the page.
  • 301 Redirects: Backlinks from excessive 301 redirects to your site will lower/hurt your ranking.
  • Inbound links anchor text: This links do less for your ranking .Outbound links weigh more.
  • Strong /weak link title attribution. Avoid weak link title attribution. Pay attention to this minor detail as it may cost your ranking. Link title attribution is the additional information provided to explain more about the linking page.
  • Backlinks from different recurring domains .It will benefit your site to get links from domains of specific countries such as (cn, co, uk) because they will help your site rank better in that country.
  • Backlink location on the content: Backlinks put at the top of the content of a page carry more weight than links found later in the content.
  • Backlink location on a page: Avoid backlinks placed on the sidebars or footer region of a page. It’s better if the link appears within the content.
  • Backlinks from pages with similar keywords in a tittle: Link with pages that have similar keywords as your site pages. Google has a better rating for this type of links.
  • Sites with positive link velocity: Having backlinks from sites with good link velocity get a SERP boost. This normally shows a site is increasing in popularity. Stay away from sites with bad link velocity as it will reduce your Google ranking terribly.
  • Backlinks from top rated /hub pages or sites: Backlinks from sites/pages that are considered top rated will do more for your ranking. Such sites are valued by Google and they will boost your site ranking.
  • Backlinks from sites with co –occurring words: Have links that have words that co-occur. Google uses this to know/determine what the page is all about.
  • Backlink track record .Backlinks from sites that have a clean link track/profile to rank higher. They are viewed as natural and are more trusted. Avoid sites with suspicious back links history.
  • Wikipedia linking .Backlinks from a Wikipedia page credits your sites content which is good for your rating. Note that most links from Wikipedia are no follow.
  • User generated backlinks: Watch out for user generated links since Google knows how to differentiate between them. They are not beneficial.
  • The number of outbound links: linking your site to a page with many external links hurts your ranking.
  • Same backlink on several locations of a page/ content: Spreading the same link through an article won’t give different result as Google takes this as one link.
  • Links from forums. Links from forums are treated as spams and automatically devalue your ranking.
  • Links from fake / “splogs” sites: links from “fake blogs “hurt your ranking .More weight is given to sites that are considered real.
  • Backlink age .Older links are more powerful .They get more ratings.


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