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Dellah MihesoBUSINESS NEWS March 19, 2020

The following are some of the businesses you can start in kenya today with less than 20k and make good profit

  • Selling Baby Diapers

Diapers are widely used in kenya today .Imagine the number of households in need of this commodity in your area and get going .All you need to do is get a supplier who can sell them to you at a discount . You can do door to door delivery and always remember to keep your customers contact list and keep them engaged.The capital for this business can be as low as a 5k.

  • Mtumba clothes

Mtumba business is one of the biggest informal employer thats handsomely rewarding in kenya today.Many young people have benefited from this business so much such that it pays their rent , food and school . You need any amount to get started including ksh .100 !Identify what you can sell easily ,ie bras ,panties , ladies dresses , shoes ,bags etc based on your location and your customers need.Go to a bulk seller and pick out pieces for resale .You can choose to hawk ,go door to door ,find a spot in your area or sell online .

  • Day Care/ School

This business only requires a starting capital of about 10K .You can rent out a small room for about 3K depending on the location and you are good to go.

  • Car wash business

You don’t require much to start a car wash, just an area with water supply and pontetial customers .People would rather pay someone to wash their cars than do it themselves. If you charge ksh. 200 per car, how much you make in a day depends on how many cars you get to wash .

  • Movie shop

This is one of the top businesses you can start with 20K in Kenya. It is also one of the easiest and the returns are really good.If you have a computer or a laptop already,you can just rent out a room and start selling your movies.

  • Cleaning service business

It took Parapet, one the biggest cleaning service provider only 10K to start. He startedby hiring women who would clean houses in estates at a charge of 1000 shillings. He would pay these women 500 shillings.Before long, the business had grown and he was able to register a company and now makesover a fortune in a month.As you can see, you don’t need much to start a home cleaning business.

  • Selling fried fish by the roadside or at a kiosk/kibanda

Kenyans love to eat fish .If you have a little knowledge about your areas preferences and their purchasing power , you can start selling fried fish with as little as 4k !Get the basics , a frying pan , a jiko , a spoon , a table a good location (with a good flow of people) and your stock .Where to get your stock ?Gikomba market for those who are in nairobi and its environs .You can choose to cook anytime of the day based on your customers needs.

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